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Coastal STEMfest is a chance for students to see some of the latest innovations and learn about careers in STEM and for their teachers to forge links with businesses in the STEM community.

It is exciting and challenging, it gets young people involved and it makes STEM subjects fun and relevant. It nurtures the capacity for thinking “outside the box” and becoming truly innovative.

Schools and colleges

If you would like your school or college to be involved with Coastal STEMfest, or for further information, email or call STEM Sussex on 01273 644178.

Activity providers

Coastal STEMfest is an excellent opportunity for STEM providers to become involved with the local community. If you want to know more, email or call STEM Sussex on 01273 644178.


If you’d like to support our work in engaging young people across the South East in STEM activities, go to the Employers section.

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