are floor seats worth it

are floor seats good at an arena concert? if not, where

if you do seats that you will probably not sit in for long as close to the front would be best. if you want to be able to sit down and see the concertdont buy seats in the floor area. people are very likely to stand up all around you. cutiepi92 yes, 20 is about the max for best views.

are floor seats the best seats at concerts? yahoo answers

answers. the 'pit' or the 'floor' or 'general admission' are the best seats for two reasons: you get to rock out all you want and you don't feel like a total tool sitting down while everyone is having fun, and you will get groped every two seconds by all the pervs in the crowd. enjoy.

why floor seats at kanye west's saint pablo tour are worth

on kanye west's saint pablo tour, the floor seats actually are worth the extra cash. the difference is that on the floor where tickets for monday night's show went for $400 on seat geek you feel like not just a viewer of the show, but an active participant in it.

how to get great seats for a concert with pictures

think about the audience before choosing floor seats. floor seats are usually the most expensive seats, but are also considered some of the worst seats it all depends on your personality. what is the vibe of the crowd that the performers attracts?

floor seats vs lower level seating : redhotchilipeppers

from my experience floor seating is only really worth it if you're in the top 10 rows or so, otherwise the crowd gets congested and seeing the stage can get difficult depending on your height level 1

floor seats at a ppv -- worth it? : wwe

i've sat on the floor for a non-ppv show and i don't think it's worth it if you're not in the first or second row. are you looking at buying tickets for clash? if so i highly recommend you go with tickets in the regular seating because the view from almost anywhere in bankers life is going to better than several rows back on the floor.

are floor seats worth the price? : squaredcircle

small arena so most seats were 'floor seats' though some were on raised platforms. seven trust january 1999 not floor but the 1st concourse 3rd or 4th row back. these were about as great as i have had for an arena show. not on the floor, just high enough off the floor to see over everyone who was on the floor.

are floor seats at a concert worth it?

are floor seats at a concert worth it? daddyrollingstone. yoda. follow. facebook. twitter. 0 0. i'd be sitting kind of in the back on the floor but i'm a tall guy anyway. band i want to see is the who, they're loud as fuck so being able to hear the music is not a concern . updates: follow. 0 0. share . facebook.

how to find the best seats in a theater

so, it is worth it to do a little research. you can usually find a seating chart on the website for the theater or show in question. sites such as broadwayworld and playbill have also collected multiple new york theaters' seating charts if you're going to the theater there.

are floor seats worth it? yahoo answers

i sort of get to imagine myself out of the wheelchair and into the tour with them. you should either get real close floor seats or get elevated seats from another section. that choice is up to you, ticket hurry usually sells for pretty cheap but you'll have to search for the show. it depends on how tall you are.

barclays center floor 2 concert seating

for most concerts, rows in floor 2 are labeled 1-15; when looking towards the stage, lower number seats are on the right; ratings, reviews and recommendations

are floor seats really worth it? coldplay

welcome to coldplaying floor seats are totally worth it, no doubt and you are in section 2 which to me looks like the best section on the floor because you will be in the middle as others have said, not everyone stands the whole concert. plus coldplay concerts are usually interactive ie: giant yellow balloons during yellow,

are floor seats at a wwe event good? yahoo answers

there good seats in your seated in the first five rows in the front if your further. back than that the people in front of you usually stand up and you cant really. see that good. i always sit in the first or second row at wwe events. source s : floor seats ringside. the great one · 9 years ago.

are floor seats worth the money? college news

there is no firm answer as to whether floor seats are worth the money or not. it all depends on the concertgoer and what is important to them when it comes to a concert experience. if being close to the artist listening to loud music and dancing with a large crowd is your idea of fun, then floor seats are worth it.

7 cool things you learn by having nba floor seats

happens to have access to nba floor seats. and while he could have used them for profit, he used them on me. and while he could have used them for profit, he used them on me.

best places to sit at a basketball game mab tickets

no. 2 mezzanine-level sideline seats. if you want to be extremely close to the players on the court, go with our no. 1 option. recommendation: these seats are the best seats in the house for the overall best price. mezzanine seats of this quality are reasonably priced and are a great area to bring the family to.

the ultimate guide to choosing seats for disney on ice

disney on ice seating is usually divided into three main sections: 1. rinkside these are a few rows of flat seating at ground-floor level right by the ice. there are generally three main sections, two running along each of the long sides of the ice; and another by one of the short sides. these seats are not tiered.

are floor seats that much better than seven trustr level

- if the floor section is standing room and not seats imo it's not worth it because you can't sit, you gotta push around and you would have to get tothe venue mad early to be line just to get a good spot. - elevated is good if your on either side of the stage and your in the first 10-20 rows since no one really is infront of you.

which do you prefer: ga or the $250 floor seats?

it doesn't really come down to buying expensive seats vs. not going at all. i could opt for cheaper seats, but i really want the best experience possible. i guess i'll plan on the $250 tix, and not doing much else this year. hopefully it'll be worth it i'd love the ga but i, too, prefer my own personal space and the ability to use a restroom

are floor seats at concerts good seats

floor seats are those on the main floor. the are going to be the ones closest to the stage. general admission seating means that there are no assigned seats, that you get a ticket to enter the

disney on we need front row? the dis disney

imo, front row seats in the second tier are the overall best seats in the house. not just for ice shows, but for hockey, baseball, broadway theatre, and other events as well. some venues are catching on and have started pricing such seats at or near the same price as much closer seats.

taylor swift concert seats? is it worth it? yahoo answers

answers. best answer: yeah i think it's worth it. i mean if you really think about it, $200 is a pretty good price for good seats. if it was more i would say it probably wouldn't be worth it. i think it would be pretty cool to see someone you're a fan of close up.

worth it to see metallica in concert but in high level

it was on the floor only 4 or 5 people back from the fence around the stage. it was inside the ring of speakers and so was not as loud as i would have liked, but the news said it was one of the loudest concerts in that arena if you got the full force of the speakers.

enterprise center concert seating guide

floor seats, like those in floor a are among the most sought-after tickets. on the floor: sections floor a, floor b and floor c are a part of floor seating, which offer some of the closest views of the performers. for many concerts, floor sections are added or removed.

are floor seats worth it? : travisscott

if youre only spending another $50 for the floor tickets than seats then its for sure worth it. had the time of my life in philly during leg 1 and im going to state college for some more

td garden concert seating guide

recommended seats for end-stage setups. floor seats, like those in floor d are among the most sought-after tickets. on the floor: sections floor a, floor b, floor c and floor d are a part of floor seating, which offer some of the closest views of the performers. for many concerts, floor sections are added or removed.

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