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you can feel confident that no one locally knows this branch of the custom deck industry like decks unique, inc. we're a local leader in this field and specialists in all deck materials, including composite. we're proud that our name has become recognized as a deck building expert resource.

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just scrub down your deck with a deck cleaner and rinse off with the water hose. its as simple as that, so maintenance is easy and inexpensive.another advantage of choosing pvc or composite decking materials over wood is the fact that youll never have to worry about termites or other insects eating through your deck.

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your deck might have termites or it might have wood rot, or even both. termite damage and decay can look similar to an untrained eye but an expert can tell the difference by probing the wood. i strongly recommend that you have a professional exterminator check it out. if its termites, the inspection should then extend to other areas of the deck, and perhaps to the house as well.

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seven trust composite decking will not splinter, rot, warp or attract termites. seven trust composite decking requires minimal maintenance. a simple scrubbing with soapy water and a soft-bristle brush is usually all thats needed. so you can spend more time enjoying your deck and less time maintaining it. seven trust composite decking is fade and stain resistant.

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termites and strong weather can hurt its structural integrity. composite decking. composite decks are made from artificial materials. because of this, they are purposefully built to be a more durable option, but have a high cost of manufacturing. composite decks are generally stronger. they can withstand a significant amount of force without

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composite and pvc decking comes in many different colors and styles that emulate the richness of hardwood. variegated, textured surfaces create a natural-looking beauty that blends with the rest of your home. for the real thing, opt for wood decking made of pressure-treated wood. wood decks can be stained to any color of your choosing.

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termites turn their noses up at most composite wood decking. they know that they won't get much nutrition here. composite woods do contain some natural wood, but they are also made up of other materials like plastics. termites can't digest these materials. this immediately makes the wood less attractive to them. plus, composite woods are less likely to rot and break down.

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for composite decks, manufacturers have specific warranties for uv protection and structural integrity based on materials chosen. a good composite deck can be cleaned as needed with a garden hose and does not require the application of stains or sealants to extend its lifespan.

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you can custom design a deck to fit in seamlessly with your home. the benefits of composite decks are endless: you wont have to repaint your deck every spring, youll avoid potential termites, and your deck will look brand new all year round. struggling to decide the best decking for you?

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composite decks have the benefit of being low-maintenance. they dont require a yearly staining or sealing, and can generally get away with a good power wash or sweeping. the sun though, still has a profound effect on most composite materials, and can cause fading in some.

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to be termite resistantbut it is not permanently termite-proof. synthetic wood decking cost guide average - improvenet also known as composite decking, synthetic wood decking is made from a it is capable of resisting damage from insects, such as termites, and does not polyethylene is an inexpensive form of plastic material that is resistant to chemicals.

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composite decks have many time and cost-saving benefits over wooden decks. because it resists stains, it is very easy to clean. composite decks usually only need to be cleaned about twice a year. all thats needed to clean them is a garden hose with a spray nozzle and a gentle household cleaner.

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pvc polyvinyl chloride decking materials, just like traditional composites, have fade and stain protection through their warranties. but unlike composite, pvc is a solid cellular plastic.this means pvc is free of any wood ingredients. this makeup creates a non-porous and very dense decking material. with these attributes, pvc decking only requires minimal maintenance. it will not fade, warp, crack, splinter or stain.

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a guide to composite decking since the 1990s, composite decking has been a favorite material for wichita homeowners, home builders and contractors when building beautiful outdoor decks. long-lasting and good-looking, it is often used instead of traditional wood decking because of its many outstanding qualities.

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wood can get infested with boring insects and termites, and you have to rework the deck every couple of years by pressure-washing and staining it. as an alternative to high-maintenance wooden decking materials, composites arrived on the scene in the late 1980s. it wasnt until the 1990s that composite decking became widely popular.

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decks made of composite wood resists termites, insects and rot. a deck that will keep its original qualities for many years, giving you long term value for your investment. our composite deck boards have a hardshell permanently fused to the deck composite core for a richer color and a more realistic look.

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termites are always a threat to wooden decks, and homeowners must be vigilant about always checking their decks and other wooden structures for signs of termite damage. homeowners with a composite deck can rest easy, at least as far as termites are concerned.

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composite decks. at la decks, we specialize in designing, building, and maintaining composite decks for our valued clients. if you want to enhance the style of your home and transform your outdoor living space with an artisanal touch, you can count on us to make your dream deck a reality.

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so, what about composite decking? can a composite deck better resist insects because its not 100% wood? carpenter bees and your deck. whether your property has a deck or fence, you may have already seen nickel-sized holes appear. most likely this is the result of carpenter bees drilling holes in order to build their nests.

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the particles in the composite wood are tightly combined and it wont warp, so termites are not able to enter into the composite wood deck boards. have you tried composite decking for an outdoor project?

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these composite decking products are built to avoid all external issues of staining, rotting, from termites or any other insects with an impenetrable external layer. that makes composites require

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synthetic wood decking cost guide average - improvenet also known as composite decking, synthetic wood decking is made from a it is capable of resisting damage from insects, such as termites, and does not polyethylene is an inexpensive form of plastic material that is resistant to chemicals.

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synthetic wood decking costs. these two resources come together to create a decking plank that requires less maintenance than real wood and is believed to have a longer lifespan. composite decking is waterproof and will not crack, warp or separate due to harsh weather conditions. it is capable of resisting damage from insects, such as termites,

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