can you make a deck out of fence

how to build a wooden lattice gate hunker

you can easily build a lattice gate in any size to meet the measurements you require for your outdoor space. lattice gates can be placed in a fence row or at the entrance to a porch or deck and weather treated to withstand rain and snow.

build a deck without digging holes using a deck post base

as a direct result, you can build higher with more confidence, up to eight feet in height from the ground to the surface of the deck. like deck blocks, though, a deck with a foundation of post anchors and bases should be built as a freestanding deck without direct attachments to other structures.

mike holmes: using low cost deck materials can mean more

the most popular summer projects are decks and fences, and the most popular material for these types of projects is wood, by a long shot. when it comes to outdoor wood projects and materials, the three big contenders are pressure-treated or pt wood, cedar and composite. they each have their pros and cons, but what it usually comes down to is which you have more of time or money.

fence out digging animals the humane society of the

animals who take up residence under a deck, crawl space or shed are often capable diggers. if you put up a fence to keep them out, be sure to extend wire meshing out in an l shape at or beneath the ground. l footer style fencing pdf will also keep wildlife out of yards and gardens. l

how to build a deck without digging holes home guides

build the deck. strengthen the corners of the frame by screwing galvanized angle brackets to the inside corners of the framing with galvanized screws. you use galvanized hardware when building the deck because it provides extra resistance against rust and corrosion.

how to build a pallet fence for almost $0 and 6 plans ideas

you can do this by using chicken wire and stapling it to the inside of your pallet fence. a slap stapler is best in this case if you have one. a pallet fence is great for keeping the smallest of critters in while also keeping their predators out.

how to install a corrugated metal privacy fence hunker

corrugated metal is weather resistant, easy to recycle, less expensive than wood and relatively low maintenance. its the ideal material for a privacy fence. with the right tools and a how-to guide, you can build your very own corrugated metal fence according to your design tastes.

recycled motor oil fence stain / diy / how to make your

using recycled motor oil and diesel fuel to create your own cheap wood stain. farmer's fence secret exposed btw each time you do it, it gets a lil darker. i live, and have been raised in a

reuse old fence boards : 8 steps

as fences age, they start to fall apart and generally look pretty decrepit. i found that although the boards are very old up to 50 years in some cases , if they are made out of cedar, they can be in pretty good shape, have lots of integrity left, and can be reused for many helpful projects. some of those follow in this instructable.

my neighbor is building a deck close to my property line

okay my neighbor is building his deck about 2 feet from my property line. i dont want to wage a war but kinda ticks me off since it is raised so now they will be looking over my privacy fence. annoying they are super noisy. anyway i was wondering if i have any rights and how i find out if they got permit ect. i was wondering if there is a minimium distance that must be between.

10 free diy wooden pallet deck ideas for your backyard

you can use it differently and make it bigger. the deck lies flush with the ground and has colorful and patterned flooring. while the blog does not provide a detailed tutorial on building the pallet deck, they do provide a starting point. for a creative mind with basic handy skills, this is all you need to build the deck.

15 useful items you can create out of leftover decking

if you have not gotten as far as putting furniture on your new deck or decorating it yet, why not make a few benches, chairs and/or coffee tables out of the left over materials. if you end up having extras, you can sell them, usually for a decent price if they are well made.

how close can your neighbor build his deck to your house

as long as it's within the setbacks prescribed they can build a shed, deck, pool or whatever just so long as it is permitted and approved by the local jurisdiction city, county . now there may be other additional restrictions established by an hoa as to the type and even materials allowed to construct the deck and it can vary widely between different groups and locations.

why can't you have fences over a certain height?

depending on your location, you may be able to build an open fence such as an aluminum fence higher because it allows for visibility. check out these 6 foot fence panels you can buy online: activeyards dogwood haven series vinyl fence in sand

how to build a pallet fence for almost $0 and 6 plans ideas

next, you have to make sure the pallets youre collected are safe to reuse. read this guide from treehugger. 2. put the pallets together. building a pallet fence is so simple. all you must do is arrange the pallets so they line up as equally as possible. use either 3 bolts or the large roofing nails and put them together with a hammer or impact.

how to build a privacy fence: build a fence for privacy

you may build a 6-ft. high privacy fence only to find that the next-door neighbors can easily see over when theyre lounging on their deck. or you may find that your 6-ft. tall privacy fence only needed to be 4 ft. tall because surrounding areas slope away from your yard. either way, youre wasting materials, money and time building a fence that doesnt suit your yard. to determine how to build a fence, consider how high a privacy fence needs to be, and other privacy fence ideas.

neighbours, decks and planning permission wdyt?

depending on the council, you can build at deck any size you like. it's only if you get it covered that it you require planning permission. if you want to complain to council, you need reasonable grounds for your objection. 'we don't like them' is not reasonable grounds.

can you use fence boards for deck

tips for painting your deck - for dummies a painted deck or fence can be beautiful, but painting can also be a real problem. don't paint unless you can cover all six sides of every piece of wood. use a hinge pin removed from a door hinge as an oversized nail set it's much

making fence rails out of deck boards

tips for painting your deck - for dummiesa painted deck or fence can be beautiful, but painting can also be a real problem. ,, a wiley brand - making everything easier , some of the surfaces such as the area between a fence rail and a fence plank are inaccessible,

18 ways to add privacy to a deck or patio hgtv

the one-of-a-kind fence can be removed or rearranged at any time. shutter screen alternatively, you can upcycle old shutters into a folding partition for your outdoor space.

how to lay out a fence safely and efficiently

to make sure your fence is perfectly straight, dig the two end holes of one side of the fence first, drop in fence posts and make sure theyre plumb before setting them in place. drive screws in the posts, roughly 6 inches off the ground, and leave the heads protruding half an inch. tie a string tightly between them.

how to stain a fence

take the stress out of staining a fence with this easy guide. you are going to apply the stain using a brush, roller, or a hand-pumped fence stain sprayer like the olympic seven trust deck care sprayer. no matter the method you use, make sure to apply an even coat to the fence. cover the entire surface.

my neighbor built a deck 1 ft from my fence, with

you can perhaps seek a variance from the back fence standard to erect a higher fence that would block his view into your back yard. you may also want to look into erecting a spotlight on a pole that would shine back onto his deck in an annoying way if the local zoning codes or inspectors weren't of any assistance and work some kind of compromise.

hog/sheep panel fence: 9 steps with pictures

rule of thumb is 5 x 8' lattice caps will make 3 x complete fence panels 3 caps for the horizontal frames, 2 caps for vertical frame pieces . if you can't find pre-made lattice caps, try buying 1x3 cedar and routing a channel down the middle; materials - mesh. this can be tricky to find, try a farm supply store.

composite deck boards on a privacy fence

and from what i can tell vinyl tends to get brittle and falls apart. so im thinking that composite deck boards may be the way to go for a fence you dont have to mess with every year. have any of you looked into or used composite deck boards for fencing? you will answer your own question after you find out the costs by using the composite.

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