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first floor slabs is a well established company, specialising in all concrete work, specifically suspended in-situ cast concrete structures. established in 1999, first floor slabs has a broad portfolio, with a multitude of successful projects since then.

pour a floating concrete floor: 6 steps with pictures

we had a building that had an existing concrete floor that was poured directly on the ground. over the years it had cracked. normally you would jackhammer the old concrete out and do it right. however the building supports were placed directly on top of the concrete pad.

16 different types of slabs in construction where to use?

slabs are constructed to provide flat surfaces, usually horizontal, in building floors, roofs, bridges, and other types of structures. the slab may be supported by walls, by reinforced concrete beams usually cast monolithically with the slab, by structural steel beams, by columns, or by the ground. slabs are classified into 16 types.

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thermal performance. the first is the question of insulating a floor slab. in older buildings, concrete slabs cast directly on the ground can drain heat from a room. in modern construction, concrete slabs are usually cast above a layer of insulation such as expanded polystyrene, and the slab may contain underfloor heating pipes.

first floor concrete pouring in site 1 part 2

this video shows how they pour the concrete for the slab and beams. adu students internship thank you first floor concrete pouring in site 1 part 2 concrete spin screed used by

concrete first floor.

see proclima web site for good photos of installation of membrane around floor slab moy and siga may have similar photos get proper advice on all structural pre-stressed slabs but from experience 75mm bearing for 150mm hollowcore slab but 200mm slab will require bigger bearing and with a 200mm hollowcore slab i'd use 215mm blockwork.

how is the formwork and props for first floor slabs set up

answer wiki. 5 answers. , civil engineer. for a first floor slab, wooden formwork is mostly used. the formwork consists of wooden planks and boards. the planks are kept vertical and the boards are kept horizontal over the planks. the frame thus formed is a base for the concrete to be poured. the formwork is kept in position till the concrete sets.

best flooring choice for concrete slab the floor pro

first floor encompasses kitchen/ living/ dining/ half bath. i am on a concrete slab and i am looking for the best type of flooring to endure two 50-60 pound dogs and will also allow installation of radiant heat floor mats. i know hardwood is out. but i am struggling with the choices between bamboo, engineered, laminate and vinyl.

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quality floor construction includes good subgrade compaction, even thickness slabs, low-slump concrete, straight bulkhead lines, and control cuts spaced 24 to 30 times the slab thickness. common mistakes in concrete floor slab construction can be avoided with proper base preparation, mix design, placement, finishing, and curing.

several ways to warm up a cold concrete floor

q: we added a room to our house that has only a concrete slab for a floor. the slab gets so cold in winter, we are unable to use the room. the slab gets so cold in winter, we are unable to use the

best flooring choice for concrete slab the floor pro

best flooring choice for concrete slab discussion in 'help selecting the best floor covering' started by jacquie j., sep 24, 2016.

what is the best type of flooring to install on a slab

authentic hardwood is different than laminate. typically, to apply that to a slab, you would first install a waterproof membrane or coating to the concrete and then strips of 1 x 2 pressure-treated material furring strips . then the oak flooring, generally three quarters of an inch thick, is applied to that.

ce 437/537, fall 2002 slab-on-grade example -design info 1 / 8

design a thickened slab to support the columns and concrete block walls supporting a 16 ft x 56 ft mezzanine. plan and elevation views of the mezzanine are provided on page 2. design the bar joists see page 3 to support the mezzanine floor which is a 3.5 in thick slab of lightweight concrete with vulcraft stay-in-place forms see page 4 .

pouring second-story concrete flooring

step 2prepare the floor. once you have determined that the foundation of the house is strong enough to sustain a concrete floor, lay down wood sheeting. this wood sheeting, which should also be stronger than average, will act as a sub floor. once the wood sheeting is down, add a covering of plastic.

bouncy and spongy floors can be a structural concern or

if a concrete slab but finish floor is spongy in places. if there is a second floor or a raised section of a floor that is framed, rather than directly on the concrete. if a finish floor is laid directly on a concrete slab and its spongy, then the reason may relate to: flatness of the floor.

concrete slab or a timber-joisted floor which is best

generally speaking, a concrete slab is going to cost you more money to build. whether its a slab-on-ground for your ground floor, or a suspended slab for your first floor, a concrete solution is going to cost more money in materials, labour, and time.

how to pour a concrete slab for beginners diy

we go over all the necessary steps for your concrete slab to come out perfect installing tile floor for the first time how to lay tile pour, and finish a concrete shed slab diy

types of subfloor build

particularly appropriate for reactive soil or sloped ground, stump sub floors involve raising the house off the ground on stumps sunken into the earth. ground level concrete slab subfloor solid concrete slab floors are extremely durable, require very little maintenance and offer excellent insulation.

chinese first floor wood slab

chinese first floor concrete slab. the history of concrete - internachi the history of concrete. . the time period during which concrete was first invented depends on how one interprets the term concrete . concrete slab floors yourhome concrete slab floors come in many forms and can be used .

should we go for concrete or joist 1st floor

two options i think im left with at first floor level: 1 put in concrete slab. then first fix wiring. then pour screed. then insulation, then underfloor heating, then finished floor screed. 2 put in concrete slab. then screed. then first fix wiring. then insulation. then underfloor heating, then finished screed.

bs 8110

bs 8110 is a code of practice for the structural use of concrete. the relevant committee of the british standards institute considers that there is no need to support bs 8110 as the department for communities and local government have indicated that eurocode 2 is acceptable for design according to the building regulations.

method statement

method statement - casting of first floor beam and slab below is an example of a simplified method statement of casting upper floor concrete beams and slab. i've also produced an animation for this construction sequence on that page .

first-floor concrete slabs -what you need to know.

cost of a first-floor concrete slab. according to south african estimators, the square meter pricing for a suspended first floor concrete slabs starts at r850.00 per square meter depending on the engineers design.

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