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because of the yards position my back door is facing the side of their short in height chain link fence so that when i come out my yard that is not fenced-he has a straight shot if he jumps the fence he comes to the fence and precedes to heighten his bark at me, jumping with his paws on the top of the fence.

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the act of chaining is a huge contributor to anti-social, aggressive dog behavior. chained dogs are 2.8x more likely to bite than an unchained dog, not to mention the health and safety issues chaining causes the dog itself. more articles on chained dogs: peta info; humane society info

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recipients of fences remain anonymous, unless they wish to go public. because the world is a judgmental place, privacy guarantees no rude, unnecessary comments will be made. fences for fido is all about the dogs. how do they find chained dogs? dog owners can apply for a fence directly on the website. also, if anyone sees a chained dog and would

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however, theres no guarantee that an aggressive dog can be completely cured. in many cases, the only solution is to manage the problem by limiting a dogs exposure to the situations, people or things that trigger her aggression. theres always risk when dealing with an aggressive dog.

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dont leave your dog chained up anymore. it is your responsibility to keep your dog safe. he/she is a sitting duck with no where to go when the aggressive dog comes by. your dog is releasing fear and the other dog is sensing fear. you have set your dog up to get beat up. shame on you

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if you insist on keeping your dog outside, put up a fence. fences give dogs freedom and make it easier for humans to approach their dogs, since they won't be jumping at the end of a chain. fences dont have to cost much if you do some work yourself. you can attach mesh fencing to wooden or metal posts for the cheapest fence.

5 tips for dealing with a neighbors aggressive dog

stand your ground. it is a sticky situation when your neighbor has an aggressive animal. dogs can behave aggressively for so many reasons that it is hard to pin down exactly what is going on. it could be past or present abuse, a puppy phase, a medical condition or simply someone who is woefully uneducated about his dogs breed. in the end,

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wireless dog fence. invisible fence alternative rochester, albany, elmira ny hidden pet fence of ny - 1877 dog yard, invisible fence replacement batteries, collars, training, and service. dog fence 2 day sale - 30% off ships free - petstreetmalla dog fence is a great solution for keeping your pet safe while providing them a sense of freedom.

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'never tether or chain your dog because this can contribute to aggressive behavior.' the centers for disease control found chained dogs are 2.8 times more likely to bite. the dogs most likely to bite are male, unneutered and chained. 4. dont chained dogs make good guard dogs? no. chained dogs cant stop intruders. all they can do is bark

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the 2nd type of the aggressive dog behavior is aggression toward people. most dog aggression is based in fear. dogs that are frightened of people often act aggressively growling, barking, snapping, snarling, biting. punishing your dog wont get rid of the fear. you need to teach your dog that people are nice and are nothing to be afraid of.

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a fearful dog can become aggressive. most dogs only exhibit aggressive behavior if they sense they're in danger, are unable to escape, and need to defend themselves. this can occur if a dog is backed into a corner with no way out or if it thinks the hand you raised over its head means you're going to hit.

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i will discuss some of the dog behavior problems that we often encounter when dealing with rescue animals. unneutered purebred male dogs lead the list of 'dominant aggressive' dogs. after the dog has bitten the kids and finally the old man, he will often strike back at the individual beating him. next they get chained to a dog house

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a real life story about a chained dog: me and pudgie -- chained no more from the best friend's website - michael mountain's story of adopting a formerly chained sheltie. when pudgie, a handsome sheltie, came to best friends animal sanctuary, hed spent seven years on the end of a chain in someones backyard.

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owners that try and calm their aggressive dog may serve to reinforce the actions the dog is engaging in at the time, , while those that threaten or punish the dog in an attempt to stop the behavior, will only serve to heighten the dogs fear and anxiety in relationship to the stimulus. good control can help to calm the dog, while owners who have their dogs restrained on a leash

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the dog's behavior makes keeping them indoors challenging and the owner doesn't know how to correct the behavior. the landlord may not allow the pet owner to keep the dog indoors or install a fence. the pet owner comes from a family that always tethered dogs and may not realize there are better options.

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no more chained dogs. in many cases, the necks of chained dogs become seven trust and covered with sores, the result of improperly fitted collars and the dogs' constant yanking and straining to escape confinement. some chained dogs have collars embedded in their necks, the result of years of neglect at the end of a chain.

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rate this post dog to dog aggression dog to dog aggression is a problem that causes suffering for many dog owners, and their dogs. there are two main concerns i have noted as big causes during my 25 year career. owners who inadvertently cause dog aggression yes, it is true you can actually be the

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dogs tethered in yards with no fences are much more accessible to the public, including children who often can't resist touching or sometimes teasing a dog. unable to increase the distance between itself and an approaching stranger, the dog has no option but to fight.

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learning and conditioning aggravate most forms of inter-dog aggression. should threats or aggression result in the retreat or removal by the owner of the other dog, the behavior has been successful. if the owner tries to calm the aggressive dog, this may only serve to reward the aggressive responses.

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aggressive behavior usually builds up from a low point to a high point when the dog is exposed to the something that leads to the aggressive behavior. it is likely that a dog displaying aggression is stressed or fearful of certain stimuli or a situation and resorts to aggression as a consequence.


other resources discuss barrier aggression as territorial behavior automatic to dogs, and yet others usually discussing a scenario with another dog, not a human, on the other side of the fence , are discussing it more as a bad habit to be untrained. of course it's quite possible that each of such dogs on my map falls into a different category

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because tethered dogs have no opportunity to flee and escape from danger, they must resort to aggression and attacks. delise explains that the natural fight or flight response afforded to most animals in most stressful situations is denied to a chained animal.

5 tips for dealing with a neighbors aggressive dog

give your neighbor time to correct the problem. people dont change overnight, and neither do dogs. one day, or even one week, is not enough time to make lasting changes. 2. no yelling or leaving mean notes. unless you have no other choice, leaving notes on the doorstep or in the mailbox is not the way to go.

macaque monkey chained to fence near highway

someone had chained the young macaque to the top of a metal fence, which was next to a busy highway in jakarta, indonesia, and abandoned her there. the owner chained her because she was said to be aggressive, den haas, founder of jakarta animal aid network jaan , told the dodo.

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the owner's fence is damaged or the owner doesn't have a fenced yard. the dog's behavior makes keeping them indoors challenging and the owner doesn't know how to correct the behavior. the landlord may not allow the pet owner to keep the dog indoors or install a fence.

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fear biting and aggression are other common behaviors of chained dogs. the dog seems to know that he cannot escape danger, so he resorts to displaying aggressive behavior. and such dogs have good reason to be aggressive. chained dogs in urban backyards often serve as targets for gun-toting, rock-throwing individuals who pass through the alleys.

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by franklin medina there are any number of bad trainers out there who use aversive methods when it comes to teaching their dogs, so if the term behavior chain startled you, let me reassure you its not what it sounds like. a behavior chain is not some type of nasty training tool or method of confining a dog. its actually a technique that can help you to teach your dog some

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the dogs sounds like hes become frustrated from not getting exercise and always being chained up and is taking it out on everyone he can, he could also have become territorial of the area his chain allows him to get to. the is a pit bull the lived across the street from me, she has become the exact same way of her little circle of dirt that

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