waterproof decking between boards

using caulk on decks?

he insists it's ok to use caulk to fill gaps we're using solid stain on the deck, and it does cover caulk. . he also wants to caulk the small gaps where the posts go down through the deck boards. i say using caulk is the sign of poor workmanship, and, frankly, i've never seen caulk on a deck.

waterproof decking solution

versadry is unlike other waterproof decking systems that lock together creating a continuous seal at the top requiring water to flow off the deck edges. although the majority of the water may run off during a heavy rain, much is left on the surface leaving large puddles that can take days to dry up.

caulking for wooden deck

re: caulking for wooden deck 08/14/2009 3:21 am in olden days, we, sailors used to fill the gaps in the wooden deck planks of navy ships with oakum leaving just about 1/3 of an inch that was finished with tar bitumin .

your seven trust composite decking and railing questions answered

however, gas fire pits may be installed beside or between deck boards with a protective wall made of stone or other fire-resistant material used for insulation. wood burning fire pits should not be placed on top of seven trust decking unless installed with deckprotect , a product designed to temper extreme heat and loose embers.


sealing seams between outdoor composite decking. note - the screen spline was rolled into each seam and it sits about 1/4 inch below the deck surface. the seams are about 1/8 inch wide. each deck board is one piece, 7/8' x 6' x 11 foot ideally i'd like to apply some kind of sealer that is about as viscus as water so it would flow down the slope

2019 aluminum decking cost aluminum deck cost and materials

aluminum decking price factors. whether its a built-in table, fireplace or grill, all these nice-to-have amenities bring about additional costs. removal of old deck: if you have a wood deck in place, you have to remove it before adding your new aluminum deck. the cost to remove a deck ranges between $1,000 and $1,500.

what to use to fill in gaps between boards on a deck

normally dirt should just fall through and a quick going over with a broom should be enough. try protecting the lower deck furniture by removing cushions or covering with an old sheet while sweeping the upper deck. if the spaces are too big between boards anything wider than 1/4 to 1/2 inch maybe some boards should be taken up and re-spaced.

hot topics: ancient 'caulk' between the deck boards

highlights from the thread. caulk will most likely not hold up in the cracks as you would want it to. the product placed between the cracks of the boards, based on its age and your description, is probably oakum. it is a rope based tar product, originally used by plumbers when pouring lead connections on pipes.

keeping water out of decks professional deck builder

keeping decking dry. if there are any gaps between the framing and the deck boards, water will collect there and capillary action will then pull it as far into the gap as it can go. adhesive flashing over the top of the framing helps protect the framing and seals around the screw holes, but it potentially makes things worse for the decking.

vinyl decking vs. composite decking

the performance of your deck. like many other decking materials, composite decking boards need room to expand and contract. there have been many instances of composite boards cracking and splitting along the edges, and even some occurrences of deterioration along the primary surface of the boards.

deck board space filling material this old house

if the deck isn't waterproof, then i would get underneath it and install either 1/8th hardware cloth or window screen, this will allow moisture to pass and the wood to expand and contract with moisture, while keeping out the critters. if the deck area is now waterproof, then i'd overlay it with plywood to create a barrier to the critters.


dexerdry is the patented above floor joist flange gutter placed between deck board which prevents water and the elements from penetrating the surface of the deck. in other words, dexerdry provides virtual dry space under any outside deck.

sealing the spacing of pine decking boards

1. use ply instead of decking and seal it with bondcrete or marine enamel. 2. use 10mm cement sheet expensive instead of decking and seal joints with mastic. 3. mill tongue and groove on the edges of the decking. 4. make the roof from fibro or something and erect the deck over the top with a gap between.

waterproof decking professional deck builder

dexerdry is a ribbed proprietary polymer extrusion that fits in the slotted edges of certain types of composite decking to create a watertight seal between the boards. because the inserts use the space normally reserved for hidden fasteners, the decking must be installed with face-screwed fasteners.

pro deck installation tip: deck joist waterproofing

deck joists 101. deck joists are boards usually made out of pressure treated lumber. these boards come in standard sizes 2×6, 2×8, and 2×10 and are a crucial element in the structural stability of your deck. joists systems are the frames that the decking will be attached to.

can i use aluminum or plastic sheeting between decking and

the plastic has a much shorter lifespan than your deck, it's a temporary measure at best. the right thing to do is to slope and sheath the deck and use an appropriate waterproof deck sufacing. bcworkz mar 20 '14 at 17:27. bcworkz it wouldn't cost much more to use 20' aluminum flashing instead of plastic, actually.

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