What Is Wood Plastic Composite?
WPC is a composite material , 55% made of wood natural fibers and 33% made of polypropylene. It can be used for products of different shapes and colors, still maintaining the elegance of wood and the advantages of a not completely natural material.
What Can You Use Wood Plastic Composite Wpc For?
WPC can be used for the flooring of terraces, swimming-pools, verandas, patio gardens, gazebos, exterior designs, and much more. In seaside environments, it can be efficiently used for walkway surfaces, wharfs, handrails or panel sections.
What Are The Main Advantages Of Wood Plastic Composite Wpc?
WPC has all the qualities of wood, but not its defects: it is long-lasting, stable and it does not warp, it has no splinters and does not lose color, it is sun, ice and rain resistant. WPC polymeric component allows it to better resist the deterioration due to the sea climate and salty water. Furthermore, it works as a protective layer against the proliferation of fungus and mould. Finally, the composite materials require no maintenance, painting and are 100% recyclable.
Is Plastic Wood More Expensive Than Simple Wood?
Yes, it is more expensive than softwood, although the treaty, but it has a very similar price to the fine exotic wood (teak or similar), or the kind of wood that can be used outside for decades without any deterioration.
Does Plastic Wood Require A Special Maintenance?
WPC does not require any special maintenance, it is easy to clean thanks to the well-thought combination of wood and polyethylene, that restrain the growth of mould and fungus. It is suggested to clean it by using neutral floor detergents, and if using a high-pressure cleaner, it is necessary to keep the machine at least 30 cm away from the walking surface.
Does Plastic Wood Lose Color Or Change It?
WPC does not lose color thanks to the pigments and UV absorbers contained in the polymeric composite. Is possible only a slight variation of tone certifiable in about a 7-10% due to the presence for 2/3 of the natural material as the wood flour, containing an internal "tannin" that is gradually released.
Is Plastic Wood UV-Rays Resistant?
WPC resists the UV rays damage thanks to a special composition of pigments and UV absorbers.
Is Plastic Wood Wpc Water Resistant?
WPC is water resistant thanks to encapsulated water-repellent fibers.
Does Wpc Plastic Wood Resist Temperature Variations?
Yes. The poly-prophylene used in the composite material turns out to resist up to 70-85 degrees, still maintaining the necessary mechanical features.
Is Plastic Wood Wpc Recyclable?
WPC can be extruded again at the end of its life cycle. It can be 100% recycled up to 20 times, with no need of adding any other components and with no physical or mechanical alterations.
Will Vinyl Break?
Vinyl fence materials can break if subjected to a direct impact, i.e. an automobile, horse or a rock thrown from a mower. Under normal use, the fence will not break when properly installed. If your fence does break, call us. In most cases the rails and pickets can easily be replaced.
Does Vinyl Fence Become Brittle In The Winter?
As with most PVC products, vinyl will become less flexible in the colder weather. However, unless subjected to unusual impact, quality vinyl materials will not break or crack.
How Do You Clean The Fence?
As with all exterior products, our fence will become dirty when exposed to the elements. A mild detergent and water should be sufficient to keep your fence or deck rail looking new. For tough stains, Soft Scrub or baking soda works well. Simple Green and steel wool also works to clean stubborn stains.
How Does PVC Hold Up To Weed Eaters?
As with all PVC and wood products, direct contact with lawn and garden equipment can cause damage to the posts. Use caution when operating any type of equipment near fence posts, especially commercial trimmers, which are more aggressive.
Do You Cement The Vinyl Posts?
Absolutely! All vinyl posts should be set in pre-mixed wet concrete. Not dry mix with water added later. This application generally does not provide one hundred percent consistency in the concrete. Concrete should be placed under and around the fence post.
What Is The Warranty On Our Vinyl Fence?
All of our PVC products carry a lifetime warranty. During the life of the vinyl fence, you should not expect to find surface cracking, peeling, chipping or rot. Almost all vinyl products carry a lifetime warranty. Be sure to select a reputable fence contractor with years of experience who will be around to service your warranty.
What Is The Cost Of Vinyl Compared To Wood?
Comparable. As a matter of fact, if you compare a typical #1 grade cedar fence and add the price of staining; vinyl fencing is more price competitive. Vinyl is less than steel ornamental.
Can I Get Custom Vinyl Fence Styles?
Yes. By selecting a custom vinyl fabricator like American Fence Company, you can create almost any design. With the Midwest’s largest computerized fabrication shop, we can build your dream.
Will Vinyl Fencing Yellow?
Today’s quality vinyl fencing contains titanium dioxide (TIO2) which prevents ultraviolet degradation. American Fence Company has partnered with Kroy Vinyl Products in warrant our product for 20 years against premature discoloring and yellowing.
Will Vinyl Burn?
PVC has a flash point of approximately 900 degrees and does not easily ignite. Vinyl is classified “Self-Extinguishing”.
How Strong Is Vinyl?
Unlike wood or metal fencing, vinyl fencing has a certain amount of flexibility. However, the materials are engineered to be impact resistant with a chemical formulation that will withstand a wide range of normal use. From your ten-year old’s wild fast ball to a jumping pet’s attempt to escape the yard, your vinyl fence will hold-up to the challenge.
How Long Will Vinyl Fence Last?
On this note, this is where vinyl fencing stands apart from wood and ornamental. PVC fencing will last a lifetime. You may see the fence lose a little sheen over time.
Is The PVC Graffiti Proof?
Although not classified as graffiti proof, vinyl fencing is easy to clean and paint comes off with just a little effort. It may require the use of a pressure washer or in extreme cases the use of paint thinner. 400 grit sandpaper can be used when some spots will not come off using the above methods.
Will Vinyl Fence Fade?
Like vinyl siding and windows, vinyl fencing will lose a little of its sheen overtime. However, it will not fade. Today’s vinyl fencing has a chemical formulation similar to sunscreen. It is designed to permanently reflect the sun’s rays and hold its colors.
What Is Synthetic Teak Boat Decking?
synthetic teak decking material that is designed to look and feel like real teak without the hassle and maintenance of traditional wooden teak. the decking is beautiful, lasts for many years and is essentially maintenance free. It is extruded using the highest quality materials with premium UV stabilizers and coloring agents to provide you with the perfect amount of individual customization.
Does Synthetic Boat Decking Really Look Like Real Teak?
Yes it does. It is not unusual for people to look very closely at your deck and touch it before asking’ “Is this real teak?” our product unique textured surface also provides the feel of real teak (without splinters).
Is Decking Environmentally Friendly?
AmeriTeak is proud to announce that Dek-King is an award winning, green material. This means that we keep the environment in mind with every single application that we serve. In addition to helping contribute to the preservation of teak forests world-wide, we also offer our customers a 10% discount on their next order for any returned cuts and scraps from their installation process. These extra pieces are then recycled and used to extract and generate other synthetic teak products.
Is Decking Slippery?
Not at all. Dek-King is beautiful and feels great on your feet, but it also adds a significant level of safety to your boat or even your dock! In fact, we have tested and tried Dek-King non slip boat decking in wet, cold, and ‘fish gut’ situations and it still remains highly tractive and safe. There is a slip-test under the 'Technical Specifications' tab.
Does Decking Get Hot?
When reaches the same temperature as real teak, but it cools up to 2x faster than real teak!. However the Euro-Style Decking does offer a much cooler level of enjoyment. Many customers claim to feel a significantly cooler temperature with Dek-King Euro-Teak. You can see the study below that shows steady state temperatures, as well as cooling temperatures.
How Do I Clean Decking?
Easily! boat decking is cleaned using soap and water and some scrubbing if needed. Pressure washers can also be used, but the most common cleaning process involves a simple hose for hassle free boat maintenance.
Does Decking Fade Over Time?
No! Decking is made with the best possible UV protection and coloring agents, unlike cheaper knock-offs. the boat dcking is created via extrusion, which means that the color is all the way through the entire thickness of the teak. This means it will never fade and you will have a lasting deck for a lifetime to come.
How Do I Clean And Maintain WPC Decking And Railing?
To remove surface dirt and chalk, WPC decking should be washed periodically with soap and water. Washing will also prevent the build-up of pollen and debris, which can cause mould and mildew to grow. Pressure washers should be used only to wet and rinse a wpc deck, not to “blast-off” soiling agents. Attempting to do so can drive the dirt deeper into the material. Before washing your entire deck, test a pressure washer on an inconspicuous area.
Basic Deck Cleaning Agents?
Deck cleaning products usually contain sodium percarbonate and a detergent, which are effective on normal dirt and grime and bleach out mould and mildew stains. Oxalic acid cleaners are effective on rust stains caused by metal furniture. Commercial degreasers contain propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, and various detergents for removing grease and oil stains. Spot removers and thinners may be used sparingly on particularly stubborn grease or oil stains, but they should be washed off quickly with water to prevent damage to the grain pattern. These products typically include petroleum distillates, xylene, methanol, acetone, or other organic solvents.
How Can I Remove Stains From My Wpc Deck?
Because it is a plastic and wood composite, wood plastic composite resists accidental staining better than regular wood decking. Many stains can be removed with household cleaners and degreasers. Act quickly after staining occurs for best results; do not allow stains to penetrate the deck’s surface or to set under direct sunlight. To avoid grease stains and burns, keep a splatter guard underneath any barbecue grills on your deck. To prevent water from accumulating and staining your deck’s surface, make sure the deck boards have adequate gaps between them to allow for water drainage.
Can WPC Be Painted Or Stained?
While not recommended, wood plastic composite composite decking can be stained after three months of exposure to various weather conditions. Be sure to use a stain intended for use on composite wood products. Staining means that your deck will require more upkeep. Always test a small, hidden portion of the deck before staining the entire deck. Painting wpc is not recommended, as most paints do not adhere to the surface well and will soon peel. Because composite wood products do not accept paint or stain as well as wood, they will not look the same as painted or stained wood.
If I Apply Stain To WPC Decking And Railing, How Long Will The Stain Last?
The durability of stain products varies by manufacturer. Exposure to surface traffic and sunlight will also affect the stain’s performance. Most stain manufacturers recommend re-staining about every two years.
Does WPC Require Water Sealing?
No, deck sealants are not recommended or required. WPC only needs periodic cleaning with soap and water.
Is There Any Warranty On Synthetic Teak Decks?
There is usually a 3-5 year warranty on the material by most of the manufactures. The installer would provide their own warranty for their installation services.
Does The Composite Decking Have A Guarantee?
Yes, we believe our product is of a high standard and back that up with a warranty for your peace of mind. The Hollow and Solid Grade boards have a 10-year warranty provided it has been installed following our installation guidelines. For full terms and conditions please see the our Warranty page.
What Is A Refit?
After 8 months or less teak wood starts turning grey, causing many owner to sand their decks to make them look new thus causing the wood to be removed to the point a new deck has to be put in. When it has to be removed for new teak wood this job is called a refit. Continual sanding to make the deck look new is not necessary with synthetic teak decking.
Does The Composite Wood Decking Need To Be Painted Or Sealed?
While you can paint or stain the deck, most manufacturers recommend leaving it as it. If you are going to make these types of changesBusiness Management Articles, be sure to wait at least three months for the planks to be exposed to the outdoor conditions. Then choose products that are specially designed for this material. Remember that these types of changes can void the warranty.
What's The Lifetime Value Of WPC?
Because WPC never rots or warps, painting and staining is not required, however with pressure-treated wood decks, these costs add up over time. After four years, the total cost of owning a WPC deck equals the cost of a pressure-treated wood deck. Over the life of the purchase, WPC offers a far greater value than wood. Clean it twice a year and you're done so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space, rather than working on it.
Warranty Terms?
They are accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty book when the company's products sold. Users can enjoy life-long maintenance service according to the warranty conditions book.
WPC Flooring And Solid Wood Flooring The Same?
Wood Flooring and Stone Sculpture floor are synthetic materials. Relatively speaking, consume fewer resources than the wooden floor, it is a low-carbon economy. The main difference is the use of the material above. From the name of view is very clear. WPC is mainly wood and plastic integration
What Is The Payment Term?
30% in advance, 70% before shipment.
Can Anti-Graffiti?
Though not anti-graffiti, but most paint can effortlessly clear, rushing water, solvent or water sandpaper # 400, the paint can be removed.
What Is The Price?
The price varies depending on the complexity of the deck area. A simple square area will be less than an area with many hatches, cleats, railings, stairs, etc. to work around. A deck with margin boards takes longer to manufacture so it will cost more than a deck without margin boards. Speak with a certified installer to discuss your deck options to get a price quote.
Teak Decks Need Maintenance It?
No, but on a regular basis to maintain ventilation and dehumidification
How Do I Care For The Deck After It Is On My Boat?
Routine cleaning, as with any living area, will keep your deck looking its best. It may be pressure cleaned with a smaller power washer about 1200 - 1500psi. DawnTM dish soap and water is effective. Never bleach. Never use Acetone. Painting or coating with sealants is not necessary and will void any manufacture warranty. Synthetic teak is not a veneer, a light manual sanding may be needed to remove any marks left after a washing. Synthetic teak is low maintenance, never turning grey.
How Does It Compare With The Price Of Iron And Steel Fence?
Than steel, iron slightly higher, but after 2--3 years paint maintenance, the actual price of steel, iron fence already more than PVC rails. Stainless steel guardrail bad because life is short. Therefore, PVC fence more than 25 years in terms of long life, PVC fence comprehensive price and performance - price ratio advantage is very obvious.
Will Color Fade Because Of Exposure To The Sun?
ULTRA-VIOLET inhibitors have been added to our decking to reduce color fading due to extensive sun exposure. A slight change in color will occur but will retain this lighter shade through out the life of the product.
The Density And The Strength Of The Decking?
The density of our wpc decking is 1.3%-1.4%(1300-1400kgs/cbm). The strength of the hollow one is about 320kgs (That's to say, based on the space between the keels of 35cm, the decking surface can bear the weight of 320kgs.) and the strength of the solid one is 400kgs-500kgs.(That's to say, based on the space between the keels of 35cm, the decking surface can bear the weight of 400kgs-500kgs.)


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